Monumenta Serica. Journal of Oriental Studies

The Monumenta Serica - Journal of Oriental Studies is mainly dedicated to Chinese culture, but its Chinese title, Huayi xuezhi (i.e., Scholary Journal on China and Neighbouring Countries), points to the fact that contributions concerning subjects such as Japanese, Mongol, Manchu, Tibetan, or Korean Studies may also be published, if closely related to China. Until 2014, Monumenta Serica was published annually, starting with volume LXIII, the journal changed to a semiannual publication rhythm. A valuable aid for gaining access to the materials presented in the first 35 volumes of Monumenta Serica is the Index published by Roman Malek S.V.D. in 1993.

Thematical Scope of Contributions to Monumenta Serica:
Submissions to the journal are expected to relate to any field of classical Sinology, i.e., the history, archaeology, religions, philosophy, literature, art etc. of imperial China. Topics with a focus on the Republican and the modern era will be considered, too, if they show a strong historical perspective. Articles dealing with the “neighbouring countries” of China, especially the East Asian cultures such as Japanese, Mongolian, and Tibetan etc. are also welcome, given the same time frame.

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