The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ - Vol. 2

“… these two volumes [i.e., vols. 1 and 2] are a useful addition to the existing literature on Christianity in China. Excellent essays have been collected here, valuable primary sources selected, and new perspectives offered. The visual impact is enhanced with the inclusion of original illustrations. For anyone who wants to know more about Christianity in China, particularly the conceptions of Jesus, these two volumes provide simple and convenient accessibility.”

Patrick Fuliang Shan in China Review International


This collection in five volumes tries to realize the desideratum of a comprehensive interdisciplinary work on the manifold faces and images of Jesus in China, which unites the Sinological, mission-historical, theological, art-historical, and other aspects. The first three volumes (vols. L/1-3) contain articles and texts which discuss the faces and images of Jesus Christ from the Tang dynasty to the present time. In a separate volume (vol. L/4) follows an annotated bibliography of the Western and Chinese writings on Jesus Christ in China and a general index with glossary. The iconography, i.e., the attempts of the Western missionaries and the Chinese to portray Jesus in an artistic way, will be presented in the fifth volume of this collection (vol. L/5).


Contents of Volume 2

Part II: Faces and Images of Jesus Christ from Ming to Qing

GAUVIN ALEXANDER BAILEY: The Image of Jesus in Chinese Art during the Time of the Jesuit Mission (16th-18th centuries)

CARMEN GUARINO: Images of Jesus in Matteo Ricci's Pictures for Chengshi moyuan

GIANNI CRIVELLER, P.I.M.E.: Christ Introduced to Late Ming by Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582-1649)

SUN YUMING: Cultural Translatability and the Presentation of Christ as Portrayed in Visual Images from Ricci to Aleni

PAUL RULE: The Jesus of the "Confucian Christians" of the Seventeenth Century

WHALEN LAI: Jesus in the Shengshui jiyan of the Early Yang Tingyun (1557-1627)

DOMINIC SACHSENMAIER: The Jesus of Zhu Zongyuan (1616-1660). A Complex Pattern of Inculturation

CLAUDIA VON COLLANI: Jesus of the Figurists

MIGUEL ÁNGEL SAN ROMÁN, O.P.: Jesus Christ Proclaimed in the Early Dominican Mission in China

GIOVANNI STARY: Jesus Introduced to the Manchus

P. RICHARD BOHR: Jesus, Christianity, and Rebellion in China. The Evangelical Roots of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

LAUREN F. PFISTER: Reconsidering Three Faces of the "Revived One" from Mid-19th Century China

MARGO S. GEWURTZ: The "Jesus Sect" and "Jesus Opium": Creating a Christian Community in Rural North Honan, 1890-1912

RALPH R. COVELL: Jesus in Protestant Writings in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

JESSIE G. LUTZ: The Jesus of the Early Chinese Protestant Evangelists


Anthology II:

Early Jesuits on Jesus Christ

MICHELE RUGGIERI, S.J. (1543-1607): On the Birthday of God (Twelve Poems)

MATTEO RICCI S.J.: Jesus und das Kreuz

XU GUANGQI (1562-1633): Eulogies and Hymns on Jesus

WEN XIANGFENG (1577-1642) a.o.: Jesus, the Barbarian - Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582-1642) on Jesus Christ

YANG GUANGXIAN (1597-1669): Jesus: A Subversive Rebel Leader

LUDOVICO BUGLIO, S.J. (1606-1682): Jesus in Budeyi bian

FERDINAND VERBIEST, S.J. (1623-1688): The Passion of Jesus

WU YUSHAN (WU LI), S.J. (1632-1718): Poems on Jesus

BLAISE PASCAL (1623-1662): Dieu crucifié: Le scandale de la Croix

BENNO M. BIERMANN, O.P. (1884-1970): Die Predigt des Kreuzes

GEORGE H. DUNNE, S.J.: Jesuit Suppression of the Doctrine of the Cross?

NICOLAS STANDAERT, S.J. (introduction): Jesus Christ in the Lidai shenxian tongjian

E.T.C. WERNER (1864-1954): Christ in the Li-tai shen-hsien t'ung-chien

K.L. REICHELT (1877-1952): Eine "taoistische" Geschichte Jesu aus Shenxian gangjian (1701)

The Chinese Text from Lidai shenxian tongjian (or Shenxian jian)

Taiping Texts on Jesus

ZHIGANG (19th. c.): An Ordinary Person: Jesus

ANONYMOUS (19th. c.): Jesus, the Only Hog


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