The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ - Vol. 4a

Annotated Bibliography

This volume provides an annotated bibliography of the Western and Chinese literature on Jesus Christ in China. It is a sequel to the interdisciplinary collection on he manifold faces and images of Jesus throughout Chinese history, from the Tang dynasty (618–907) to the present time.

The present bibliography broadens and deepens the above-mentioned subject matter, and also points out aspects which have been addressed in the contributions and anthologies of the previous volumes of The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ, but which have not been treated thoroughly. Another aim of this bibliography is to initiate and enable further research, particularly in China. It includes bibliographical data from the beginning of the introduction of Christianity to China until the year 2013, occasionally also until 2014. A list of “Key References” enables the reader to identify important works on main topics related to Jesus Christ in China. Some examples of book covers and title pages are included in the section of “Illustrations.”

Other volumes of the collection The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ are in preparation: Vol. 3c will present longer quotations from the sources listed in the present bibliography, and Vol. 4b will contain a general index with glossary.

“It is both gratifying and mildly surprising to find that the ongoing series of volumes from the Monumenta Serica Institute under the editorship of Roman Malek devoted to the ‘Chinese Face of Jesus Christ’ now includes a volume of bibliography. […] Generous amounts of annotation are provided for each entry, for example tables of contents for the most important books, and the most Christological titles from the Beitang and Zikawei library catalogues are given in an appendix, which precedes a final section adding ten pages of representative illustrations [...]”

T.H. Barrett in Bulletin of the School of Oriental and Asian Studies

Contents of Volume 4a

Part I: Key References
Part II: Annotated Bibliography
Part III: Illustrations


Monumenta Serica
Monograph Series L/ 4a

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