The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ - Vol. 3b

This collection in five volumes tries to realize the desideratum of a comprehensive interdisciplinary work on the manifold faces and images of Jesus in China, which unites the Sinological, mission-historical, theological, art-historical, and other aspects. The first three volumes (vols. L/1-3) contain articles and texts which discuss the faces and images of Jesus Christ from the Tang dynasty to the present time. In a separate volume (vol. L/4) follows an annotated bibliography of the Western and Chinese writings on Jesus Christ in China and a general index with glossary. The iconography, i.e., the attempts of the Western missionaries and the Chinese to portray Jesus in an artistic way, will be presented in the fifth volume of this collection (vol. L/5).


"This unique ongoing project continues to open a new, vital lens to learn more about China in its intellectual and cultural dimensions."

John Witek in Journal of Asian Studies

Contents of Volume 3b

Part IV: Contemporary Faces and Images of Jesus Christ

PHILIP CLART: Jesus in Chinese Popular Sects

MARIÁN GÁLIK: Jesus the Proletarian. A Biography by Zhu Weizhi (1905–1999)

WANG XIAOCHAO: Marxist Interpretations of Jesus in China (1949–1999)

KRISTIN KUPFER: Images of Jesus Christ in Christian Inspired Spiritual and Religious Movements in China since 1978

BARBARA HOSTER: “Rereading the Bible.” Jesus in Chinese Poems of the Late 20th Century

PETER C. PHAN: Jesus with a Chinese Face. C.S. Song’s Jesus-Oriented Christology

BENOÎT VERMANDER, S.J.: Jesus Christ as Seen by Chinese Catholic Theologians Today

GOTTHARD OBLAU: Himmlischer Arzt, Fürsprecher, Mahner und Weiser. Das Christusbild in chinesischen (evangelischen) Zeugnissen der Gegenwart

HEUP YOUNG KIM: Toward a Christotao: Christ as the Theanthropocosmic Tao

JONATHAN TAN YUN-KA: Jesus, the Crucified and Risen Sage. Constructing a Contemporary Confucian Christology

EDEMOND TANG: The Cosmic Christ. The Search for a Chinese Theology

JOSEPH H. WONG, O.S.B. Cam.: Homo nobilis and Christ the Perfect Man. Fang Tung-mei, Karl Rahner, and the Chinese Face of Jesus

LIU XIAOFENG: A Trinitarian View on quaestio fidei in the Context of Modern Culture

WOLFGANG KUBIN: Vox clamantis in deserto. The Worldly Faces of Jesus Christ: China and the West.


Anthology IV:

Dom Pierre-Célestin Lou Tseng-Tsiang, O.S.B. (1871–1949): Ways of Confucius and of Christ

John C.H. Wu (1899–1986): A Chinese Tunic for Christ

Guo Moruo (1892–1978): Jesus and Stalin

Ya Xian: The Monastery

Lin Yutang (1895–1976): The Teachings of Jesus

Chiang Kai-shek (1888–1975): Testimony on Good Friday 1960

Ji Xian: Type-B Blood

Chiang Kai-shek (1888–1975): Testimony on Easter 1961

Chiang Kai-shek (1888–1975): Testimony on Easter 1963

Chiang Kai-shek (1888–1975): Testimony on Easter 1964

Frère Pierre Zhou: Rêve de Noël; Jesus, Mao, and Gesta Dei per Sinenses (1966–1976)

Yesu (Zongjiao cidian, Shanghai 1981)

Choan-seng Song: From the Point-Nosed to the Flat-Nosed Christ

Simon Zhao: Bitter Cup and the Place of Skulls

A.B. Chang Ch’un-shen, S.J.: Jesus Christus – Der „Himmel-Mensch“ und das ch’i in der Christologie

Shen Yifan (1928–1994): Paradoxe Wahrheit des Kreuzes

Ch’iao Lin: The Face of Christ

Bai Hua: Auferstehen

Wang Meng: On the Cross

Han Bide: Why Jesus Christ Died on the Cross

Ding Guangxun (K.H. Ting): The Cosmic Christ

Gu Cheng (1956–1993): The Cross

Jung Young Lee: Jesus Christ: The Perfect Realization of Change

Wang Weifan: Meditationen über Jesus

Sha Yexin: Jesus, Confucius, and John Lennon: Act I

Choan-seng Song: Jesus, the Reign of God, and the Crucified People

Agnes Lee, S.M.I.C.: Jesus Christ and the Christian Identity in China; Harmony in Jesus Christ (FABC)

Edmund Chia, F.S.C.: Face of Jesus Christ in Asia

Luis Antonio G. Tagle – Jacob Theckanath: Faces and Images of Jesus Christ in Asia



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