The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ - Vol. 3a

This collection in five volumes tries to realize the desideratum of a comprehensive interdisciplinary work on the manifold faces and images of Jesus in China, which unites the Sinological, mission-historical, theological, art-historical, and other aspects. The first three volumes (vols. L/1-3) contain articles and texts which discuss the faces and images of Jesus Christ from the Tang dynasty to the present time. In a separate volume (vol. L/4) follows an annotated bibliography of the Western and Chinese writings on Jesus Christ in China and a general index with glossary. The iconography, i.e., the attempts of the Western missionaries and the Chinese to portray Jesus in an artistic way, will be presented in the fifth volume of this collection (vol. L/5).


"... this Volume not only provides many hours of interesting reading, but will certainly deepen one's understanding of the reception of Christianity in China in the first half of the 20th century."

Helen Murre-van-den-Berg in Exchange 36 (2007)


Contents of Volume 3a

Part III: Modern Faces and Images of Jesus Christ

DONALD D. LESLIE and YANG DAYE: Jesus the Prophet in Chinese Islam

FRANÇOISE AUBIN: Jesus in the Confrontation between Islam and Christianity Transposed into China

FRANCIS K.H. SO: The Subverted Image of Christ in the May Fourth Era

LEWIS S. ROBINSON: Medicine for the Soul? Christ-like Sacrifice and Filial Piety in Lu Xun’s Yao and Mo Yan’s Lingyao

LIANG GONG: The Image of Jesus in The Death of Jesus by Mao Dun

ANNA BUJATTI: Lu Xun, Xu Zhimo, Ai Qing, and Mao Dun: The Human Face of Jesus Christ

ROMAN MALEK, S.V.D.: Der Sozialreformer Jesus. Das Leben Jesu nach Wu Leichuan (1869–1944)

EKMAN P.C. TAM: The Cross and the Lotus: Karl Ludvig Reichelt’s (1877–1952) Mission Theology and Methodology

WINFRIED GLÜER: Jesus in the Theology of T.C. Chao (1888–1979)

GOTELIND MÜLLER: Lin Yutang (1895–1976), Christianity, and Jesus – A Bundle of Contradictions

MATTHIAS CRISTIAN, S.V.D.: John C.H. Wu (1899–1986) on Christ and China

POLING J. SUN: Jesus in the Writings of Wang Mingdao

ANTHONY S.K. LAM: The Image of Jesus in Kung Kao Po 1928 to 1930.


Anthology III:

Richard Wilhelm (1873–1930): Jesus von Nazareth

Hu Shi (1891–1962): The Death of Jesus

Chu Chih-hsin [Zhu Zhixin] (1885–1920): What is Jesus?

Ch’en Tu-hsiu [Chen Duxiu] (1879–1942): Jesus, the Incarnation of Universal Love

Bing Xin (1900–1999): Gethsemane and Golgatha

Lu Xun (1881–1936): Revenge (II)

Wang Jingzhi (1902–1996): The Cross

P.C. Hsu [Xu Baoqian] (1892–1944): Uniqueness of Jesus from a Chinese Standpoint

T.C. Chao [Zhao Zichen] (1888–1979): What Jesus Means to Me

L.C. Wu [Wu Leichuan] (1869–1944): Jesus as I Know Him

T.C. Chao [Zhao Zichen] (1888–1979): The Pathway by Which I Know Jesus

Wu Yao Tsong [Wu Yaozong] (1893–1979): My Conception of the Universe and of Life since I Knew Jesus

Hoh Loan Shi: My Most Vital Sermon. The Spirit of the One Hundred and Twenty (Acts 1:12-14)

Zia Nai-Zing [Xie Fuya] (1892–1991): Jesus as I Know Him

Wang Shih Tsing: What Jesus Means To Me

Peter S. Kuan: Jesus as I Know Him

K.S. Wang: The Christ of the Chinese Road

Xu Zhimo (1897–1931): Kalvarienberg

Paul G. Hayes: The Virgin Birth in Chinese Thought

George A. Young: Jesus, the Fourth Gospel and New China

Lo Ch’uan-fang [Luo Chuanfang]: Jesus as a Missionary

Andrew C.Y. Cheng [Cheng Zhiyi] (1898–1939): Following Jesus

T.C. Chao [Zhao Zichen] (1888–1979): Jesus and the Reality of God

Chiang Kai-shek [Jiang Jieshi] (1887–1975): Jesus Christus als Revolutionär



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