Monumenta Serica
Biallas 140th anniversary


The Monumenta Serica Institute is dedicated to the study of Chinese culture and to the publication of academic contributions in the field. It promotes intercultural communication in cooperation and dialogue with Chinese and Western scholars. The institute testifies to the vivid interest of the Society of the Divine Word (S.V.D.) in the Chinese people, their language, culture, and religion.


The sponsoring body of the Monumenta Serica Institute is the S.V.D. German Province. The institute is located at Sankt Augustin near Bonn in Germany. It comprises an editorial office and a reference library.


The institute publishes

The contributions published in the journal, the monographs, and the other publications cover all relevant fields of Sinology, including: Chinese history, language, literature, philosophy, history of religions, mission history, art, etc. They may be published either in English, German, French, or Chinese.

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