"Scholar from the West"

Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582-1649) and the Dialogue between Christianity and China

The volume contains the proceedings of an international symposium organized by the Fondazione Civiltà Bresciana in Brescia, Italy in 1994. It comprises 28 scholary articles in English, divided into five sections.

“... this is the first full-length scholarly treatment of this man, and it constitutes a significant addition to our knowledge of the history of the Jesuit mission in late-Ming China.”

Timothy Brook in Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie


ANGELO S. LAZZAROTTO, P.I.M.E.: The Brescia Symposium on Giulio Aleni.


Essays on the Historical Context:

GIULIANO BERTUCCIOLI: Europe as Seen from China before the Arrival of the Jesuits

PIERO CORRADINI: Christian Presence in China up to the Time of Aleni

ADOLFO TAMBURELLO: Western Powers’ Politics and Missionary Action in Seventeenth Century China

MASSIMO MARCOCCHI: The Missionary Élan in the Church of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries


Aleni’s Background, Biography, and Rôle:

MARIO COLPO: Giulio Aleni’s Cultural and Religious Background

ERIK ZÜRCHER: Giulio Aleni’s Biography

ADRIAN DUDINK: Giulio Aleni and Li Jiubiao

PAUL RULE: Giulio Aleni and the Chinese Rites Controversy

EUGENIO MENEGON: Jesuits, Franciscans and Dominicans in Fujian: The Anti-Christian Incidents of 1637–1638

JOSEPH SHIH, S.J.: Western Attention to Aleni as Documented by Bartoli and Colombel


The Religious and Missionary Work of Aleni:

JOHN W. WITEK, S.J.: Principles of Scholasticism in China: A Comparison of Giulio Aleni’s Wanwu zhenyuan with Matteo Ricci’s Tianzhu shiyi

CLAUDIA VON COLLANI: Francisco Luján’s "Annotationes" in Giulio Aleni’s Wanwu zhenyuan

PAUL RHEINBAY, S.A.C.: Nadal’s Religious Iconography Reinterpreted by Aleni for China

LIN JINSHUI: A Tentative Study on Aleni’s Adaptation Method for Christian Evangelization

MARK K. CHANG, S.J.: Impact of Aleni’s Apologetic and Pastoral Writings on the Missionary Work in China

XU MINGDE: Aleni's Writings on Matteo Ricci and on the Chinese Converts Yang Tingyun and Michael Zhang

XIE BIZHEN: Aleni’s Contribution to the History of Christianity in China: The Nestorian Stele and Ancient Christian Tombs in Quanzhou

CHEN CUNFU: Trying to Assess Aleni’s Mission: Success or Failure?

FRANCESCO D’ARELLI: Manuscript Notes of Carlo Horatii da Castorano O.F.M. and Francesco da Ottaviano O.F.M. on Some of Aleni’s Chinese Writings


The Humanistic and Scientific Works of Aleni:

ALBERT CHAN, S.J.: The Scientific Writings of Giulio Aleni and Their Context

BERNHARD HUNG-KAY LUK: Aleni Introduces the Western Academic Tradition to Seventeenth-Century China: A Study of the Xixue fan

CHEN MIN-SUN: T'ien-hsüeh ch'u-han and Hsi-hsüeh fan. The Common Bond between Li Chih-tsao and Giulio Aleni

PAN FENGCHUAN: The Dialogue on Renxue. Giulio Aleni’s Writings on the Philosophy of the Soul and the Responses of the Chinese Scholars

FEDERICO MASINI: Aleni’s Contribution to the Chinese Language

CATHERINE JAMI: Aleni’s Contribution to Geometry in China. A Study of the Jihe yaofa

ISAIA IANNACCONE: The Transition of Scientific Culture from Ricci to Aleni, Schreck, Rho, and Schall von Bell: The Xiyang xinfa lishu.



ERIK ZÜRCHER: Aleni in Fujian, 1630-1640: The Medium and the Message


General Index with Glossary



Monumenta Serica
Monograph Series XLII

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