Philippe Couplet, S.J. (1623-1693)

The Man Who Brought China to Europe

The book contains the proceedings of the 1986 International Conference on Philippe Couplet, organized by the Ferdinand Verbiest Foundation, China-Europe Institute at the Catholic University Leuven. Through his Confucius Sinarum Philosophus, Philippe Couplet was the first in history to introduce Chinese Confucian thinking to Europeans in an European language.


"These articles on Couplet constitute an indispensable body of literature for the study of this great Belgian Jesuit missionary ..."

Min-sun Chen
in Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal




I. The Ferdinand Verbiest Foundation

II. The Philippe Couplet Study Project

III. Study on the 19th and 20th Century Catholic Missions in China

Philippe Couplet: A Short Biography

PETER GORDTS: Philippe Couplet of Mechlin, a Jesuit in Belgium

CLAUDIA VON COLLANI: Philippe Couplet’s Missionary Attitude Towards the Chinese in Confucius Sinarum Philosophus

ALBERT CHAN, S.J.: Towards a Chinese Church: The Contribution of Philippe Couplet, S.J. (1622-1693)

PAUL DEMAEREL: Couplet and the Dutch

THEODORE N. FOSS: The European Sojourn of Philippe Couplet and Michael Shen Fuzong, 1683-1692

JOHN WITEK, S.J.: Philippe Couplet: a Belgian Connection to the Beginning of the 17th Century French Jesuit Mission in China

EDWARD J. MALATESTA S.J.: The Last Voyage of Philippe Couplet

DAVID E. MUNGELLO: A Study of the Prefaces to Ph. Couplet’s Tabula Chronologica Monarchiae Sinicae (1686)

KNUD LUNDBAEK: Philippe Couplet in the Writings of T.S. Bayer

LIN JINSHUI: Recent Developments in Chinese Research on the Jesuit Missionaries



Monumenta Serica
Monograph Series XXII

ISBN 3-8050-0266-1
ISSN 0179-261X