Jews in China

From Kaifeng ... to Shanghai

The collection presents the proceedings of the international colloquium held in Sankt Augustin in 1997 and additional materials. The articles are written in English, German or Chinese (with English abstracts). The volume includes a general index with glossary.

“All of the contributions are of high quality. The interface of these two ancient, distinctive, and diverse peoples offers an opportunity for insights on identity, assimilation and acculturation, the place of minorities and foreigners in China, and Chinese attitudes toward others, and this volume is a wonderful contribution to our knowledge of both Chinese and Jewish history.”

Robert Entenmann in H-Asia



ROMAN MALEK, Intercultural encounters: From Kaifeng ... to Shanghai. Jews in China. An Introduction


From Kaifeng ... : 

HERBERT FRANKE: Der Weg nach Osten. Jüdische Niederlassungen im Alten China (The Way Eastward. Jewish Settlements in Old China) 

DONALD DANIEL LESLIE: Integration, Assimilation, and Survival of Minorities in China: The Case of Kaifeng Jews

MICHAEL POLLAK: The Manuscripts and Artefacts of the Synagogue of Kaifeng: Their Peregrinations and Present Whereabouts

LEO GABOW (1916—1998): Jewish Property in Kaifeng

XU XIN: Jewish Identity of the Kaifeng Jews

ZHANG QIANHONG and LI JINGWEN: Some Observations on the Descendants of the Jews in Kaifeng

NATHAN KATZ: The Judaisms of Kaifeng and Cochin: Parallel and Divergent Styles of Religious Acculturation

HARTMUT WALRAVENS: Bibliographical Notes on Jews in China

YANG HAIJUN: Die Erforschung der Juden in China (Eighty Years of Research on Jews in China)


... to Shanghai:

FANG JIANCHANG: History of Jews in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin, and Qingdao (1911-1949)

AVRAHAM ALTMANN: Controlling the Jews, Manchukuo Style

ZVIA BOWMAN: Unwilling Collaborators: The Jewish Community of Harbin under the Japanese Occupation 1931-1945

RENA KRASNO: History of Russian Jews in Shanghai

MAISIE MEYER: The Sephardi Jewish Community of Shanghai and the Question of Identity

CHIARA BETTA: Myth and Memory. Chinese Portrayal of Silas Aaron Hardoon, Luo Jialing, and the Aili Garden Between 1924 and 1995

DAVID KRANZLER: Shanghai Refuge: The Jewish Refugee Community of Shanghai 1938—1949

IRENE EBER: Flight to Shanghai 1938-1939 and Its Larger Context

PAN GUANG: Uniqueness and Generality: The Case of Shanghai in the Annals of Jewish Diaspora

PAUL U. UNSCHULD: Ärzte aus Deutschland und Österreich in der Emigration in Shanghai zwischen 1934 und 1945

GERD KAMINSKI: Dr. Jakob Rosenfeld: Mensch und Mythos

CHANG SHOOU-HUEY: China und Jiddisch. Jiddische Kultur in China - Chinesische Literatur auf Jiddisch;

ALEXANDER KNAPP: The State of Research into Jewish Music in China

FRANÇOISE KREISSLER: Ein Journalist im Exil in Shanghai: Adolph J. Storfer und die Gelbe Post.


Europe, China, and "the Jewish Paradox":


RITA WIDMAIER: Zur Frage der Juden in China in der Korrespondenz von G.W. Leibniz

MARÍAN GÁLIK: The Old Testament of the Bible in Modern Chinese Literary Criticism and Creative Literature

ZHOU XUN: Youtai: A History of the "Jew" in Modern China

JOËL THORAVAL: Chinese Intellectuals and "the Jewish Paradox"

HUANG LINGYU: Research on Judaism in China

XU XIN: Document: Some Thoughts on Our Policy Toward the Jewish Religion - Including a Discussion of Our Policy Toward the Kaifeng Jews.


General Index with Glossary



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Monograph Series XLVI

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