R. MALEK S.V.D. and G. CRIVELLER P.I.M.E. (Eds.)

Light a Candle

Encounters and Friendship with China

Festschrift in Honour of Angelo S. Lazzarotto P.I.M.E.

This Festschrift is presented to Father Angelo Lazzarotto P.I.M.E. on the occasion of his 85th birthday on May 14, 2010. It is a personal homage from editors, authors, and congratulants to a dear friend, a humble priest and missionary, a scholar, a person of dialogue, an advisor, a sensitive mediator and a careful analyst who greatly contributed to the cause of Catholicism in China and to Sino-Western friendship.

“This Festschrift compiled by missionary Angelo Lazzarotto’s friends and colleagues presents a fitting tribute to a longtime friend of China and founder of the Holy Spirit Study Centre in Hong Kong. Unusually, perhaps, for a Festschrift, it is also an excellent collection of essays.”

Chloë Starr in International Bulletin of Missionary Research



ROMAN MALEK S.V.D. and GIANNI CRIVELLER P.I.M.E.: Light a Candle. Encounters and Friendship with China. Introduction to the Festschrift

Tabula gratulatoria

BARBARA HOSTER: Shen Zuyi’s Painting Zhu song. An Explanatory Note Dedicated to Father Angelo S. Lazzarotto

GEROLAMO FAZZINI: The Profile of Father Angelo Lazzarotto

CHEN CUNFU 陈村富: 怀念我的老朋友 Father Angelo S. Lazzarotto

GIANNI CRIVELLER P.I.M.E. (comp.): Bibliography (1950–2010) of Angelo S. Lazzarotto

PAOLO DE TROIA: Cathay, China. Two Names, One Country. A Three Centuries Long Misunderstanding

TIZIANA LIPPIELLO: A Confucian Adage for Life: Empathy (shu) in the Analects

CHIARA PICCININI: The Xiguo jifa. Treatise on Western Mnemonic Arts by Matteo Ricci S.J. Its Importance in Chinese Language Learning

ELISABETTA CORSI: From the Aristoteles latinus to the Aristoteles sinicus. Fragments of an Unfinished Project

EUGENIO MENEGON: Memento Mori. Preparing for Death in China and Europe during the Early Modern Era

PAN FENG-CHUAN: God, Sinner, and Saintly Governance. François Noël and Renzui zhi¬zhong

ZBIGNIEW WESOŁOWSKI S.V.D.: The European Search for a Universal Language and the German Search for Clavis Sinica. The Role of Chinese Characters in Leibniz’s Theory of Signs

NOËL GOLVERS: Litterae Indipetae from the Jesuit Provincia Flandro-Belgica 1640/1660–1700

CLAUDIA VON COLLANI: A Collection of Documents Concerning the Chinese Rites Controversy in the Biblioteca Queriniana in Brescia

PIER FRANCESCO FUMAGALLI: Ancient Chinese Cultural Treasures in Milan

MATTEO NICOLINI-ZANI: Christian Monastic Literature in China. Preliminary Survey and Bibliography

PAUL RULE: On Being Chinese and Christian. Some Idiosyncratic Reflections on the History of the Catholic Church in China

R.G. TIEDEMANN: The Controversy over the Formation of an Indigenous Clergy and the Establishment of a Catholic Hierarchy in China, 1846–1926

ELISA GIUNIPERO: Pius XI and the Inquiry into Communism in China

BETTY ANN MAHEU M.M.: John Paul II and the Charism of Persuasion

AGOSTINO GIOVAGNOLI: Ostpolitik: a Historiographical Assessment

SANTIAGO MIRO: What is the Significance of Calling Victims of Political Repression “Martyrs”?

JEROOM HEYNDRICKX C.I.C.M.: A New Encounter Between the Catholic Church and China

GIANCARLO POLITI P.I.M.E.: The List of Chinese-born Bishops

PETER BARRY M.M.: Cooperation Between P.I.M.E. and Maryknoll During World War II

ANTHONY LAM: Sino-Vatican Diplomatic Relations in World War II. A Hong Kong Perspective

CLARA BULFONI: Electronic Communication in China

ALESSANDRA C. LAVAGNINO: Gao Xingjian. A Chinese Cosmopolitan Writer.


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