Contextualization of Christianity in China

An Evaluation in Modern Perspective

“This book approaches the complex issue of contextualizing Christianity in China from various perspectives. It is a very useful study not only for those engaged in missionary work, but also for all interested in inter-cultural theology, mission history, evangelization and inculturation.”

Bosco Wong in: Mission



Part I: Early Mission

CLAUDIA von COLLANI: From Accommodation to a Chinese Theology

VINCENT SHEN: Generosity towards the Other. Matteo Ricci’s Strategy of Strangification in China

Part II: Contextualization Efforts – Three Aspects

CHRISTOFFER H. GRUNDMANN: Contextualizing the Gospel by “Imitating Christ”. The Emergence of Medical Missions in Nineteenth Century China

JOHN E. GEDDES: Singing a New Song. The Development of the Use of Taiwanese-Chinese Words and Music in the Hymn Book of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, 1865–1965

JESSIE G. LUTZ: The Sinification of Historiography of the China Christian Colleges.

Part III: Individuals in the Light of Contextualization

PETER CHEN-MAIN WANG: Bishop Frederik R. Graves and the Changing Context of China in the 1920s

EDWARD YIHUA XU: Westernization and Contextualization. A Study on Three Pioneering Chinese Pastors of the Sheng Kung Hui in China

RICHARD R. COOK: Wang Mingdao and the Evolution of Contextualized Chinese Churches.

Part IV: Church and State Relations

ROBERT ENTENMANN: Chinese Catholics and Their Relations with the State during the Campaign against White Lotus

R. G. TIEDEMANN: Anti-Christian Conflict in Local Context. The Life and Times of Pang Sanjie: Patriot, Bandit, Protector or Revolutionary?

BEATRICE LEUNG: Christianity in Post-Mao China. Legalism and Accommodation.

Includes notes on the contributors and a glossary of Chinese names and terms.


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